Tmall Storefront Development

Selling online in China starts by partnering with Tmall and creating a sophisticated eCommerce storefront for China's market.

As the official Tmall and Alibaba Service Provider, VoyageOne starts by designing and developing a customized eCommerce storefront which enables you to position your brand, sell products and acquire customers in China's eCommerce market. Our solutions are fully optimized for China's market and customized for China's online shopper behavior.

  • Set up applications to connect with the client's catalog
  • Align client's marketing content with the catalog structure on Tmall
  • Automate catalog creation and pricing management
  • Translate all product information and marketing materials
  • Optimize the storefront to attract regional and national customers

Through the years of developing and managing online stores for multiple brands in China, our team has the know-how and expertise in designing effective, branded pages, meaningful content, and easy-to-navigate user experience and functionalities needed to cater to the Chinese consumer.