We keep hearing VoyageOne is one of the most innovative player in our space (cross-border ecommerce to China).
This couldn't happen without a team bent on innovation and customer service.

Dennis Zhang
CEO, Founder

A leader in ecommerce and technology. Founded and grew Devicom, an IR-1000 retailer. Pioneer of cross-border ecommerce  between US and China

Michael Wang
Board Member

e-commerce leader currently President and CEO of OneStop Internet, and former COO at Zazzle. Before that led technology businesses at Vitec, ESS, and Technicolor

Sherri Wu
Chief Strategy Officer

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Alibaba, Head of International Development at Alitrip, Vice GM of Alibaba Cross-Border Business, Technology GM at Orbitz, and more

Christophe Cremault
SVP Marketing

Former EMEA Head of Marketing at Dropbox, SVP Marketing at several US SaaS startups powering IR-1000 etailers, President and COO of Inlumen, CapGemini leader in EMEA and NA

Patrick Hoss
SVP Business Dev’t

25+ years leading growth in eCommerce, consumer goods, digital marketing, financial services, data analytic, and software technology at both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies

Power Li
VP Strategy and Revenue

Former Head of International Development at Suning. 5+ years at Alibaba: founding team member of Tmall Global then managed operations and business development for America

Kobe Xin
SVP Technology & Operations

Technologist with 10+ years’ experience managing product and development teams in the big data and retail industries, including 5 in cross-border e-commerce