China eCommerce Success Story

As a pioneer of developing a “cross-border” eCommerce business to China, we've been deploying customized solutions for some of the top U.S. retailers to launch their brands online in China. The following is a great American success story about a small retailer which started in a garage but had big vision to be successful both in the U.S and China. The rest is history.

In 2002

VoyageOne helped to build customized turnkey eCommerce solutions for leading into a successful online fashion retailer in the United States. This precise knowledge, expertise and experience of the online marketplace has translated into increased sales for for 10 consecutive years in the U.S.

In January 2012

VoyageOne introduced U.S.-based to China's online market by partnering with Tmall. Utilizing our proprietary end-to-end eCommmerce solutions, extensive knowledge of China's eCommerce market, understanding of the local marketing and branding practices, and a close relationship with Tmall, saw robust online sales and an immediate ROI.

Net Results

Within first year

Revenue from China's online sales grew to one quarter of all U.S. revenue while this previously untapped stream is projected to equal its U.S. revenue within three years.

Today is one the most successful Tmall's Storefronts with over 670,000 fan base and followers while traffic to the site is over 150,000 unique visitors per day and increasing on a monthly basis. On 11/11/2014 (known as Singles' Day), the site had more than 1 million unique visitors in one day.

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