A Fully Integrated and Proven eCommerce Solution for China's Online Marketplace!

Solution Overview

Chinese shoppers love luxury brands, but until now China's eCommerce experience has not always measured up. Many major retailers and brands simply do not have the domain expertise or know-how on how to sell online in China or what it takes to reach China's online shoppers through a cost-effective, easy to deploy and end-to-end eCommerce platform for China.

The most common mistakes for western companies opening a business in China are insufficient local resources to promote the brand and a lack of operational management in China. As one could imagine, it also takes a lot of financial investment, local expertise removing business barriers, and technology enablement for any entity entering China's online marketplace.

We offer a “Total Turnkey Solutions” package which includes storefront development, local digital marketing, sales support, CMS, CRM, back-end integration, Chinese shipping and logistics, China's payment solution, customer service, and return management in China.

Tmall Storefront Development

Selling online in China starts by partnering with Tmall and creating a sophisticated eCommerce storefront for China's market.


Back Office Integration

Our customizable applications integrate the back office system of a U.S.-based client with Tmall and Alibaba's platform to automate order processing, order status updates, and provide real-time inventory management. VoyageOne's proprietary applications require minimal to no IT development on the client's existing back office system.


Marketing in China

We believe the best way to launch a U.S. merchant in China's often complicated online marketplace is to partner with their marketing team.


China Payment Solution

VoyageOne has created an instant payment solution for U.S. merchants to assist cash flow, and simplify accounting practices when it comes to China's online transactions. Alipay is the only payment solution provider on Tmall which has strict buyer protection policies and regulatory procedures.


Sales and Customer Service in China

Working on-site in the Shanghai office, our experienced and well-trained Chinese team provides exceptional sales support and quality customer service for online shoppers in China.


China Shipping and Logistics

We have developed the most cost-effective shipping strategies and solutions for China's market which are based on the specific demands of every U.S. merchant. This customized approach enables VoyageOne shipment of products from U.S.-based warehouses to China's consumers in a transparent manner.


What We Do

VoyageOne provides cloud-based eCommerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to integrate, manage and optimize their product sales across online channels in China. Our comprehensive cloud-based technology platform delivers significant breadth, scalability and flexibility to our clients. We also help our clients to identify product categories, pricing strategy, and branding, as well as Chinese online shoppers' interests, tastes and what drives them to purchase our client's products in China.

On the other side of the spectrum, through the use of smart digital marketing approaches (including SEO, SEM, social networking, blogging and online advertising disciplines), we help drive web traffic enabling Chinese online shoppers to access and purchase our client's products through the same Chinese eCommerce destinations they visit every day including Tmall, TaoBao, JD and other online marketplaces.

China eBusiness Strategy

We share market entry intelligence, regulatory compliance and business insight on the entire online retail ecosystem in China while helping you to develop a cost-effective “cross-border” eBusiness action plan that fits your overall growth plan and brand's needs. Our eCommerce solutions leverage all available Alibaba platform and strategy while supporting most online marketplaces including Tmall, TaoBao, JD and others.


Our dedicated marketing team in China utilizes tools, including Baidu Analytics, paid search, social media ads (AB testing), Tmall Zhitongche data analytics, conversion tracking, and much more to provide periodic marketing evaluation and improvement plans to reach maximum ROI for our clients. Each campaign or program is designed to optimize performance over the previous one, with better outreach and inbound traffic for overall growth and exposure in China's online marketplace. Voyageone will deliver sales and traffic reports related to your Tmall storefront and its activities.

Social Media

From Social Media networking sites in China such as WeChat, Weibo, YouKu, Renren to hundreds of blogs and industry opinion leaders which are all becoming a social phenomenon in China; VoyageOne will create and manage all local digital marketing visibility and social media traction for your brand and product within social media network in China.

Other Local Support

We also assist our clients with other value-added services in China:

  • Trademark Registration
  • Obtaining a Local Domain Names
  • Digital Asset Protection
  • Increase Offline Marketing Reach
  • Public Relations Management
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Key Features

VoyageOne platform is a single, easy-to-use website for our clients to manage products, categories, marketing contents, pricing rules, promotions, orders, and reports for merchant's Tmall storefront.

Improved product discovery

More traffic from China's search engines

Increased conversion rates

Higher average order values

Added cross-sell & up-sell

Proactive and ongoing site improvements

As a value-added service, we also offer custom integration services to reduce your product deployment strategies or IT development requirements.

Just for the record, we've launched successful Tmall Global Storefronts for multiple brands and retailers in WEEKS not MONTHS!

How it Works

The Million Dollar Question is HOW?

This is where we step in, share our expertise and deliver on our promise!

With a strong understanding of the eCommerce ecosystem in China and U.S., we have been effectively helping our clients in creating an eCommerce footprint in China while enabling them to operate their online store efficiently and maximize their overall profitability without having a local physical store or a local entity in China.

Our “Total Turnkey Solutions” package includes storefront development, local digital marketing, local sales support, CMS, CRM, back-end integration, local shipping and logistics, payment reconciliation solution, local customer service, and local return management on an entirely out-sourced basis model.

Learn how our proprietary cloud-based “cross-border” eCommerce platform can bring your products to China.