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Connecting Major U.S. Brands and Retailers to Online Shoppers in China!

Since our foundation, the principal goal for us has been to fundamentally and positively change the way our clients understand and approach their eCommerce strategy for China by empowering them to drive business opportunity utilizing our turnkey eCommerce solutions. From apparel, jewelry and accessories, health, baby and beauty, to outdoor clothing and sporting goods; our clients can drive new business opportunity and sell their products in China's online marketplaces utilizing our turnkey, affordable, web-based eCommerce solutions and services.

Are you ready to seize on China's eCommerce business opportunity?

Whether you are looking to expand your eCommerce footprint into China or creating a strategic partnership without having a local storefront, distribution, entity or massive IT development cost, we are happy to share our experiences and insight to explore the challenges, opportunities and develop a successful eCommerce strategy for entry into the largest economy on the planet.

Do you want to sell products to China while you ship from your U.S. warehouse?

This is actually doable and yes, we can help!

Tmall is the largest shopping platform in China and hosts about 600 million Chinese consumers shopping for authentic branded apparel, fashionable jewelry, consumable products, supplements, health and beauty, kids and baby care, home products, outdoor and sporting goods, footwear and just about any retail product or service available.

VoyageOne's shipping and logistic modules simply offer you the most cost-effective shipping strategies and solutions, allowing shipment of products from U.S.-based warehouses to China's consumers in a transparent manner.

Let us help you bring your products to the world's largest online marketplace, help you grow your revenue objectives, and build your brand in China's online marketplaces while simply allowing you to ship from your U.S. warehouse.

Bottom Line: We help you Grow Revenue, Gain Market Share and Gain Brand Visibility in China!

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Starting a business in China? Why Retailers Work with VoyageOne

A partnership with VoyageOne means customized turnkey eCommerce solutions for mutual revenue growth, online product sales and brand success in China.

VoyageOne solutions accelerate eCommerce growth for retailers by connecting shoppers with the products they're most likely to buy. Our proven solutions allow our clients to easily manage products, categories, marketing content, pricing strategies, seasonal promotions, orders, reports, and analytics for product performance.

We work side-by-side with you to accomplish your goals because we believe “Your Goals are Our Goals”.

We free up our experts to spend their time thinking and creating strategies for your brand – rather than on mundane tasks.

We dive deep for a thoroughly understanding of your eBusiness, your products and your brand aspirations.

We are obsessive about efficiency-Utilizing technology to its fullest capacity and integrating our proprietary business processes and applications that streamline much of our operation so we can focus on your needs.

We combine the personal attention of a small firm with the efficiencies and resources of a large enterprise.

We do what we do best. We work with companies with annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $100 million per year.

We give you the best of us- From IT, Storefront Manager, Product Manager to Marketing Staff and Social Media Gurus.

Our Tmall Global solutions can get your brand and products in front of 600 million online consumers in 6-8 weeks. 

Our Portfolio

As a trusted eCommerce delivery partner to China, VoyageOne works with your requirements delivering a customized eCommerce solution which makes sense for selling your products online in China focusing on high-performing categories, popular product segments and the latest online shopping trends in China's online marketplace. Due to confidentially reasons, we cannot reveal some of our client's names doing business in China.

Learn how our proprietary cloud-based “cross-border” eCommerce platform can bring your products to China.