Is eCommerce in China right for you?

China's eCommerce ecosystem is highly dynamic with new players emerging every day. Businesses have known for some time that China is ripe with opportunities to grow revenue, but having any form of physical store or in-country location presents a multitude of challenges. So instead, many companies turn to eCommerce websites catered for the Chinese market. It's a way to realize this sales potential and bypass these obstacles of selling in China. That's not to say that launching a global eCommerce site for China is easy though. Still, with the right 3rd party service provider and partner, you can sail through it more swiftly and easily.

China's shoppers love luxury brands, but until now their eCommerce experience has not always measured up.

Brands without a good direct-to-consumer site push consumers to look for information and products on 3rd party channels that are mostly unauthorized and often sell counterfeit products. Many brands still think short-term, meaning eCommerce success in China equates to opening a Tmall store on Alibaba, while social media equates to hiring a digital person to tweet a few times a day on Sina Weibo or WeChat.

To establish a long term eBusiness and eCommerce plan, we tend to suggest to our clients that they need to think about where they see their brand in China for the next three to five years. And not just try to develop a sales forecast with unattainable revenue goals. Instead, we work with our clients to develop a plan based on popular product category, product segmentation, pricing strategy, product marketing, branding, and local customer service structure and operations readiness to really cope with their expected growth.

Our clients often ask us, “How can we design an effective eCommerce strategy for China that accounts for this unique growth and operating environment?”

This is where we can help by sharing our knowledge base, domain expertise and eCommerce business experience in China. We have honed our vitality-building expansion and growth strategies to help our clients thrive in China's eCommerce marketplaces. Our progressive and proactive approach to eBusiness consulting and eCommerce process management enables our clients to identify opportunities in the present and uncover possibilities for the future growth in China.

Whenever you're ready to launch your eCommerce business in China, we're here for you.

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